Donald D. Clayton

Supplementary Photos to the Chapters

 Number preceeding each photo indicates the appropriate book chapter for it. Readers of CATCH A FALLING STAR may wish to view these supplementary photographs while reading that chapter. These numerous supplementary photos extend the forty photographs that are reproduced in the book. Family photographs may be of biographical interest to readers wishing to share the forces of my life more completely. Those of high interest for history of nucleosynthesis are mostly links from my Photo Archive website.

1 Robert M. Clayton (great grandfather) front left; (Civil War veteran, Battle of Atlanta) and his family in 1893. He was born Robert Martin Van Buren Clayton in 1840 in Delaware County, Ohio to parents who had been born in Virginia (father) and Kentucky (mother). He fought in the 43rd Ohio Infantry during the Civil War. One of his sons, my grandfather Paul Virgil Clayton (age 20) is front right. He was born in Eureka Township in 1873, eldest of six siblings shown here. Great Grandmother Mary Elizabeth Yerkes Clayton (front center) is of pre-revolutionary Yerkes Family. The Yerkes family was prominent in the area of Germantown PA in the 17th century

1 Grandfather Paul Clayton marries Verna Porter (1901)

1 Grandmother Verna (Porter) Clayton (rear right) and Porter family (1905) Great grandmother Porter was the only great grandparent that I knew in my childhood.

1 Great grandfather Kembery (about 1880) Thomas Kembery departed the Kembery farm in Camerton (western Somerset) in 1850 to forge life in the United States. My family posseses many letters to and from him written to England to share his adventures. His three sons, including grandfather Thomas Franklin (Frank) Kembery became prominent in Adair County IA.

1 Thomas Franklin Kembery, grandfather (about 1905)

1 Grandmother Martha (Keisel) Kembery with her Keisel siblings (about 1908) Widowed when William Keisel (Anglicized spelling, but pronounced Kee-sel) died in 1888, her mother (Hannah August Wilhelmina Westphal, from Schwedt, in Pommern) remarried a Rechtenbach and had eight more children to augment her three Keisel children.  Such rural fecundity led directly to my sense of having vary many relatives.

1 Frank Kembery with Martha Keisel at wedding (1909). Their wedding portraits still hang inside my home in South Carolina. They were my dearest influence beyond my parents.

1 Father at age 1 in Fontanelle (1914) My father was born and grew up on the Clayton farm north of Fontanelle IA.

1 Elva (left) and Avis Kembery (my mother) about 1919. My aunt Elva married Arthur Gross of German stock and lived her life on the Gross farm, where I visited frequently during childhood.

1 Father at his farm, about age 15 (1928)

1 Father on his horse, about age 15, with sister Eunice (1928)

1 Clayton farmhouse (1965), my father's birthplace, which I knew well during my childhood.

1 Great grandmother Hannah Augusta Rechtenbach (1928), mother of eleven

1 Grandmother Martha Kembery at her farm (1931) Later photo of me before that same barn shows my final visit to it. The barn was since torn down.

1 Grandfather Paul V. Clayton (about 1910)

1 Mother (front right) and Elva at Kembery farm with their parents, Frank and Martha Kembery(1920)

1 Avis and Elva Kembery on their farm (about 1923)

1 Mother (left) at 12 and Elva (1925)

1 Kembery farmhouse, about 1940, halfway between Fontanelle and Bridgewater IA.

1 Fontanelle Square

1 Aunt Elva's Fontanelle farm


2 Mother at eighteen (1931)

2 Father at seventeen (1930)

2 Father and Travelair (1930) His first airplane. In Fontanelle.

2 Parents' wedding, with Claytons (1933) at the Clayton farm.

2 Baby Donald and Grandma Clayton, with esophogeal cancer (1935) We were unaware of her cancer until shortly before her death in November 1940, when we returned by auto from Texas to be with family

2 Aunt Eunice Clayton with Donald (1935) outside the Clayton farmhouse

Four Generations of Porter-Claytons (1935)  I am held at age 6 mos by my father, with his mother Verna Porter Clayton (left) and his grandmother Porter (right) On the Clayton farmhouse porch. Mrs Porter was my only great grandparent that I ever knew.

2 Donald at 5 mos on Clayton farm porch (1935)

2 Donald at 18 mos with Piper Cub at Cram Field, Davenport (1936) My father kept his Cub at Cram field for flying lessons. At each day's end he took me for a spin around the field.  Those feelings and images became part of my life.

2 Our Davenport home (1936-40) on E. Sixth Street. This duplex was a remodelled church. We resided on the second floor. The Mississippi River can be glimpsed left of house. My brother Keith (1936) and sister Carolyn (1938) were both born in this house.

2 Donald at 18 mos in Daveport, 607 1/2 E Sixth Street (1936) This was a short walk down the hill to the Mississippi River bank (see later photo)

2 Donald (left, age 2) and Keith (1937)

2 Father and Mother at Iowa airfield , when Donald was 2 yrs old (1937)

2 Frank and Martha Kembery holding Donald (24 mos) and Keith (7 mos) 1937

2 Mother at age 25 (1938)

2 Grandfather Paul Clayton with Clayton grandchildren at the Clayton farmouse, Donald age 4 (1939)

2 Donald (right, age 4) and Keith (1939)

2 Mother with Carolyn (1939)

2 Father at Cram Field, Davenport, Donald (rear age 3) and Keith (age 1) 1938

3 Leaving the farm, three children and Mother, Donald age 5 (1940)

Entire family leaving Iowa, with Martha and Frank Kembery (1940) . I could not fathom what such a sweeping change might represent, and I feared it.

on the Mississippi, last look 607 1/2 E 6th Street, Davenport 1941

3 Donald and Keith (right) at Dyer house (1941) near Greenville Avenue in Dallas.From this house we had driven back to Fontanelle to the Clayton farm for my grandmother Clayton's funeral.

4 First grade at University Park (1941). Being inside of such a fine school district changed this farmboy's life deeply.

4 Sherry Lane house, home for 14 years. Our happy family resided here from my sixth to twenyfirst years, and I was away at graduate school when the family moved.

4 Aunt Elva (Kembery) Gross with Barbara on horse (1945) at the Gross farm of my mother's sister.

4 Kembery grandparents with Mother and Barbara (1945)

4 Four Clayton siblings with Mother, Donald age 9 in WWII (1944)

4 Stinson Voyager to Kembery Farm with Keith (summer 1944) Keith and I spent the full summer there with our dog while my mother was pregnant with my younger sister, Barbara.

4 Four Clayton children at Christmas, Donald age 10 on Sherry Lane (1945)

4 Four Clayton siblings, Donald left, age 10 (1945)

4 Donald, age 11, in sand car (also Barbara left and Carolyn behind) visiting California on family trip west (1946) Our first trip west of Texas would not have occurred save for the invitation from family flying friends who had moved from Iowa to North Hollywood CA.

4 Fifth Grade at University Park (1946)

4 5th grade class, University Park School. Clayton center 2nd row (1946) This had become a very happy part of my childhood. Attending grades 1-6 with this same group left friendships for life.

4 Climbing barn with cousin Dick Gross (1947) at the Gross farm of my Aunto Elva.

4 Uncle Art Gross makes ice cream, Barbara, me, Grandpa Kembery (1947)

4 Clayton family of six, Donald age 15 at left (1951)

4 Donald in first suit, age 13 (1948)

4 16th year suit (1951)

4 Grandfather Paul V. Clayton in Fontanelle

4 Wins Math Tournament as Highland Park HS 11th grader (1952). Tournament was sponsored by Hockaday School, with representatives of most Dallas high schools and a few from other schools.

4 Donald (age 19) with two siblings with mother and grandparents (1953)

4 Highland Park Commencement photo, age 17 (1953). Clayton ranked third in his senior class of 96 students.

4 SMU senior picture (1955) from SMU yearbook. Major in Physics and in Mathematics, Clayton was elected to Phi Beta Kappa as a junior.

4 Wedding to Mary Lou Keesee, both age 19 years (Dec 1954) Perhaps too young, such early marriage seemed normal to Clayton's family because that had been the normal age for marriage on the farms.

6 Lockheed Electra (1956 flight from Lockheed, San Diego to Dallas). My father piloted this new Braniff airliner back to Love Field with Clayton riding jump seat during a Christmas break while at Caltech.

7 Mary Lou with Donald 1 month (1960). He was a wonderful talented boy who gave me great joy; but his birth provided an unexpected psychological stress (see p. 141)

7 me holding Donald 7 months (1960)

7 Mary Lou and I with Donald on N. El Molino (1961). Both of our first two sons were born while we lived in this Pasadena apartment.

7 PhD thesis defense, Mary Lou, Donald and me (Aug 14, 1961) Photo by my father who had come to Pasadena for my thesis defense. Standing beside Dabney Hall on the Caltech campus.Although I became a Caltech postdoc on that date, my Caltech degree was not awarded until the June 1962 ceremony.

7 Devon (12 mos) and Donald (2 yrs) at S. Lake Avenue home, Pasadena (1962). As a postdoc we rented this nice home as a reward for our new station in life. See p. 145.

7 Clayton Caltech Ph. D. (1962). At the Athenaeum.

7 Clayton family reunion, parents' house Dallas. I hold Devon (1962)

7 Kellogg "End of Era" cake  quote on departure cake (1963)

7 Macklin, Clayton and Gibbons , neutron capture at Oak Ridge (1963) Underexposed photo is historically interesting for the first experimental program to measure neutron-capture cross sections for the s process in stars. See p. 153.

8 Mary Lou and I at Gordon Conference, Tilton School (1964) on Physics and Chemistry of Space. We had a student room in this hall. For the first time I met many great names in meteoritics, a field that would blossom for me in my 40th year. See chapter 14.

8 Al Cameron at Gordon Conference, with James Arnold (left) (1964) My second meeting with another pioneer of nucleosynthesis allowed us many conversations. Our first meeting was at Caltech in 1962. The Gordon Conferences were precursors to the Lunar and Planetary Science Conferences at Johnson Space Center following Apollo 11.

8 Boys and me at Easter (1965). Rice President Kenneth Pitzer hosted an annual Easter-egg hunt for Rice faculty children.

8 Groundbreaking for Space Building (1965) I was one of four new faculty for what was then named Department of Space Science, and this was to be our new building on the Rice campus. The construction actually accurred while I was away on my first sabbatical leave in 1966-67.

8 Clayton and Seeger at Los Alamos (December, 1967) We had calculated the first time-dependent r process.See p. 153.

8 Rice Space faculty (1968) on the outside walkway of the new Space Sciences Laboratory.

8 Kembery Farmhouse with Mother (1972)

8 Clayton farmhouse, Father at birthplace (1972) Mother and I, pictured with my father, and my new wife Annette (who took this photo) made this final visit to the Clayton farm. This farmhouse is now destroyed.

8 Pasadena home 1361 E DelMar (1966) located for us by Ardie Fowler. We resided here during 1966-67 while addressing the idea of a book project with Fowler and Hoyle (declined by me-chapter 9) and working up the plan for Cambridge UK.

8 Peter B. Shaw my Rice Research Assoc. visits me in Pasadena (1966). We coauthored several papers on nuclear astrophysics at high temperature and density.

9 Clayton, Wagoner, Hoyle in Fowler office (1966), planning for Hoyle's Institute of Theoretical Astronomy in Cambridge U.K.

9 Wagoner, Fowler, Hoyle, Clayton in Fowler office (1966)

10 Family embarking Queen Elizabeth (1966) from 40th St. docks in New York. The original QE was nearing its life end.

10 Initial Cambridge staff (1967) and visitors (Stirling Colgate at left was one short-term visitor)

10 Hoyle and Clayton on rainy highlands hike , our first outing (1967) among many during the following seven years.

10 Fowler, Urey, Clayton, Wetherill (1967) at UNESCO Paris for conference Origin and Distribution of the Elements.

10 Bernard Pagel with Clayton at Herstmonceaux (1968). Pagel became Clayton's lifelong friend, featuring our joint fascination with the evolution of abundances in our Milky Way galaxy.

10 Fowler at White Cottage with Clayton (1968) We met often in 1967-68 in the gardens behind White Cottage, Cambridge.

10 Clayton, Fowler and Arnett at White Cottage (1968) See p. 216.

10 Fowler with 1st copy of Principles (1968) of Stellar Evolution and Nucleosynthesis The publication of my textbook dashed Fowler's hopes that I would write a definitive book with him and Hoyle (see text)

10 Hoyle and Clayton in Hoyle office (1968) We examine Hoyle's draft of the chapter on abundances of the elements and their isotopes, which was to be the first chapter of our planned joint book.

10 Hoyle and Clayton on Ben Loyal (1968)

10 John Bolton with Clayton and Fowler in Scotland (1968)

11 Clayton, Talbot, Howard and Arnett at pub (1969) Rice Mafia

11 Sons Devon (left age 7) and Donald (age 8) at Poe School, Houston (1968)

11 Clayton and gamma background of the radioactive universe (1969), which I devised with Joseph Silk and which reamins to this day a goal for cosmological astronomy.

11 Arnett and Clayton at Rice (1970). Arnett's first faculty position.

11 Clayton atop Rome hotel , working with Rosselini (1970). The hope was a movie on science for which I would be consultant/writer. See p. 245.

11 Clayton at Cambridge home  on Thomson's Lane by St Johns College (1970)

11 Clayton, Hoyle, Fowler at Achnasheen (1970) preparing to go up

11 Rice faculty (1971)

11 Colgate and Clayton in Socorro , 5 years after  the cobalt-56 prediction (1974) with Fishman

13 Rice Mafia at Cambridge  (1971) We became known as "The Rice Mafia" owing to the large numbers that I brought along with me to fulfill my charge to keep nucleosynthesis theory prominent at Hoyle's Institute. Rice University had taken over as the leader in nucleosynthesis theory at this time.

13 Clayton, Fricke and Woosley at pub lunch (1971)

13 Clayton, Sargent, Fowler in library (1971)

14 Clayton and Hoyle working on novae (1973) in Clayton's Rice office

13 Space Physics Department at Rice (1974)

13 Hoyle and Clayton on Helvellyn , near Cockley Moor home (1974)

13 Hoyle and Clayton in Hoyle's home (1974)

14 Clayton at age 40 , new personality arising (1975)

14 Hoyle and Clayton at Texas beach (1975) Freeport TX

14 Hoyle and Clayton at Freeport (1975)

14 Fowler and Clayton in Fowler home  discussing the controversy (1975)

15 Clayton lectures in Venice (1975) originating cosmic chemical memory

15 Clayton and Wickramasinghe in Clayton residence, Cardiff (1975)

15 Clayton and Woosley in Wales (1976) en route to Gregynog Workshop

15 Woosley and Fowler at Clayton's home (1976) getting nuclear rates right

15 Clayton lectures at Gregynog (1976) first workshop on isotopic anomalies

15 Clayton in Heidelberg office  Josef Zaehringer Zimmer (1977)

15 Group at Gregynog , Wales workshop (1976)

15 GALLEX first meeting , Heidelberg solar neutrino experiment (1977)

15 European rennaissance  in nuclear astrophysics (1977)

15 Clayton and Annette in Mainz (May 1977) pregnant with Alia. During our five years residence in Heidelberg (half time), and during countless holidays in the Schwarzwald with Annette's family, I embraced German life

15 Don, Annette and baby Alia in new home (1978). We purchased this home on Bartlett Street in Houston after a yearlong leave of absence from Rice University as von Humboldt Senior Awardee.

15 Visiting Devon at UCLA (1980). Devon had a romantic desire to live in Los Angeles, where he was born in 1961.

15 Volker Schoenfelder with Clayton, Garching (1979) PI of COMPTEL. Following the CGRO launch in 1991, the COMPTEL instrument obtained the greatest yield of data for astronomical radioactivity.

15 Wolfgang Hillebrandt with Clayton at MPA (1979)

15 s process team in Heidelberg (1980) new n,gamma data

15 Clayton, Kaeppeler and Beer in Clayton HD office (1981)

15 Clayton working in HD office (1981) shared with Till Kirsten

15 German President Karl Carstens and Clayton in Bonn (1982), invited with Senior Awardees of A. v. Humboldt.

15 Woosley, Arnett, Fowler and Clayton at Cambridge hut (1981)

15 Clayton and Fowler at Cambridge hut (1981)

15 Clayton and Fowler in new Inst of Astronomy (1981)

16 daughter Alia with El Goresy in Houston home (1981). Ahmed El Goresy was a great help in Heidelberg to Clayton's entry into meteoritics.

16 daughter Alia with son Donald (Christmas 1980) after  my divorce from Annette, Alia's mother.

16 Gregor Morfill visits Clayton office at Rice (1981)

16 Mike Howard with Clayton (1981) at Mike's house

16 Woosley, Howard and Clayton (1981)

16 Mike Newman and Mike Howard with Clayton in Yosemite (1981)

16 Nancy in Yosemite (1981) with me

16 Nancy at Caltech Athenaeum (1981) for Fowler's 70th birthday

16 Clayton at his Rice building at age 47 (1982)

16 Clayton in his Rice lecture (1982)

16 Clayton in his Rice office with first computer (1982)

16 Phil Seeger and Clayton at 50th of the neutron (1982) in Cambridge U.K.

16 Jim Truran and Clayton at neutron 50th (1982)

16 Rice Mafia at Mike Howard's wedding (1982)

16 with sons Donald (rear) and Devon (right) on Rheincruise (1982) as Senior Scientist Awardee of the Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung.

16 Wedding to Nancy, Rice Chapel (1983)

16 Son Donald (Best Man) and daughter Alia (Flower Girl) at  our wedding (1983)

16 Honeymoon with Nancy (Paris 1983)

16 Jean Audouze and Clayton in Paris (1983)

16 Chess with Till Kirsten, and Nancy kibitzes (1983)

16 Salpeter and Clayton at Rice (1983)

16 Fowler Nobel Prize news, with Clayton (1983). We had been sharing breakfast.

16 Hillebrandt, Clayton and Fowler with breakfast Nobel issues (1984)

16 Clayton and colleagues at Rice (1984)

16 Ed Salpeter and his wife with Clayton at Cornell (1984)

16 Phil Solomon with Clayton (1984)

16 Fowler, Solomon, Clayton and others at Cornell lunch (1984)

16 Ernst Zinner meets Clayton in Tucson (1985)

16 Wye Workshop on astrophysics of dust (1985)

16 Ted Snow and Clayton at Wye Plantation workshop (1985)

16 Clayton with R. Clayton, Kerridge and John Wood (1985)

16 Robert Walker with Clayton at Wye (1985)

16 Hoyle with Clayton in his Rice office (1985)

16 Hoyle and Clayton in Clayton's office at Rice (1985)

16 Nancy and her mother at tea, Bad Kreutznach (1985)

16 Hans Suess, pioneer and Heidelberg friend, lecturing in Mainz (1985)

16 Meteoritical Society Banquet, St. Emilion Cloister (1985) with Nancy

16 Daughter Alia returns to Heidelberg after five years away (1985)

16 Last visit to Kembery farm, the barn and I (Feb 1986)

17 Mark Leising Ph D prep with Clayton (1986)

17 Begemann, Clayton and Hutchison in Canterbury (1986)

17 Wolfendale and Clayton in Durham office (1987)

17 Cobalt56 gamma-ray line from supernova 1987A. In my Rice office in January 1988, explaining time dependence of expected 847keV flux from SN1987A

17 Curt Michel and Clayton at Clayton's last Rice Commencement (1988)

17 Clayton at age 53 (1988)


18 Rice Univ department farewell, Michel, Duck, Clayton, Dessler (1989)

18 Clayton, Anders, Zinner at worshop 1 (1990)

18 OSSE theory team at NRL (1990)

18 Meyer, Clayton, Woosley, Howard at Livermore (1991)

18 Mike Howard and Clayton at Livermore (1991)

18 Leising and Liffman at Gignilliat House (1991)

18 NASA Medal (1992)

18 Discovery of 57Co (1992)

18 Hoyle and Clayton at Gignilliat House (1992)

18 Lih-Sin The and Clayton (1992)

18 Clemson Astrophysics (1992)

18 OSSE team at Northwestern U (1993)

18 Al Cameron and Clayton at Gordon Conference (1993)

18 Clayton and Peter Parker at Gordon Conference (1993)

18 Nancy with Andrew at her parents' house (1994)

18 With my brother Keith (1994)

18 With sister Barbara and our mother (1994)

18 Hans Bethe and Clayton in Gignilliat House (1994)

18 Hans Bethe with Clayton at Clemson (1994)

18 Hartmann, Bethe and Leising in Clayton home (1994)

18 Entrance foyer, Gignilliat House

18 Kirsten and Clayton at Gignilliat House (1994)

18 Kirsten and Clayton on Lake Keowee (1994)

18 Devon resident at Gignilliat House (1994)

18 SC Governor Carroll Campbell and Clayton Medal (1994)

18 Howard, Clayton and Woosley at Fowler memorial (1995)

18 Seeger and Clayton at Fowler memorial (1995)

18 Lunch Group at Fowler Caltech Memorial (1995)

18 Clayton 60th birthday, Conference (1995)

18 Radioactive Galaxy, Clemson (1996)

18 Ernst Zinner and Clayton at Clemson (1997)

18 Al Cameron and Clayton at Russell Lecture (1997)

18 AAS speakers on 26Al (1997)

18 Kirsten 60th birthday, Heidelberg (1997)

18 Gary Huss and Clayton on Haleakula (1997)

18 Ernst and Don, Brigitte and Nancy, on Maui (1997)

18 Nancy's new Gignilliat Carriage House construction (1997). This new "carriage house" was designed for the 100th anniversary of G. W. Gignilliat House. It stands where the original carriage house stood.

18 Andrew, soccer player, in action (1997) right, in blue. We spent many weekends travelling to his club tournaments.

18 Andrew and me on Stob Binnean, his first Scotland Munro (1997)

18 Weihong Liu with Clayton at Clemson workshop (1998)

18 Roland Diehl with Clayton at Gignilliat House (1999)

18 Gamma Line Imaging workshop at Clemson (1999)

18 Family of Three in Seneca (1999) Andrew is twelve years old. A church portrait.

18 George Fuller and Clayton in Sedona (1999)

18 Meyer and Clayton in Sedona (1999)

18 Thielemann, Arnett and Clayton at Sedona (1999)

18 Nancy and Donald Clayton at Ringberg (1999)

18 Brad Meyer and Clayton at Ringberg (1999)

18 Raising Clemson banner at Ringberg (1999)

18 Group at 10th workshop St Louis (1999)

18 Faulkner, Kurfess and Clayton at Ringberg (1999)

18 Clayton visits Hoyle in Bournemouth (2000)

18 Grenville Turner and Clayton in Peak District (2000)

18 Mounib El Eid and Clayton at Gignilliat House (2000)

18 Stellar evolution team in Gignilliat House dinner (2000). This Clemson group particularly focused on the evolution of massive stars and on s-process nucleosynthesis within them.

18 Zinner and Clayton at 11th workshop (2000)

18 Clayton, Nancy and Till Kirsten at Heidelberg Academy (2001)

18 Kirsten and Clayton at Kirsten's home (2001). Till Kirsten from Heidelberg has remained a best friend in Germany since my first residence in Heidelberg in 1977.

18 Clemson Group at Ringberg (2001)

18 Roger Chevalier and Clayton in Ringberg Castle (2001)

18 Peter Hoefflich and Clayton dine at Ringberg Castle (2001)

18 Roland Diehl and Clayton in the garden (2002)

18 Jeremy King and Clayton at Clemson (2002)

18 Gamma Ray Astronomy at Clemson (2002)

18 Dinner group at Clemson workshop (2002)

18 Jerry Fishman and Clayton in Huntsville (2003)

18 Nittler and Clayton at Carnegie Symposium (2003)

18 Clayton and Kirsten at Spoleto USA (2004). Till Kirsten from Heidelberg has remained a best friend in Germany since my first residence in Heidelberg in 1977.

18 Roberto Gallino and Clayton at Univ Washington (2004)

18 Hike with Daughter Alia, Colorado (2006), near her home with her family.

18 Don and Nancy in Wind River range, Wyoming (2006), participating in a Sierra Club backpacking trek  through the southern range.

18 Clayton at Zinner 70th banquet, St. Louis (2007)

18 Don and Nancy in Sawtooth Wilderness, Idaho (2007)

18 Don and Nancy with Kirsten in Odenwald lunch (2008)

18 Kirsten, Nancy and Clayton in Mannheim Opera (2008)

18 Mother at age 95 (2008) remaining alert and well until shortly before her death

18 Don and Nancy at Mizpah Lodge (2008) in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, hiking the Appalachian Trail with a Sierra Club group

 18 Don and Kurt Liffman (2011) in Melbourne (AUS) for the workshop "Astronomy with Radioactivity". Liffman was a PhD research student with Clayton at Rice University during late 1980s.

 18 Author in Melbourne (AUS) for the workshop "Astronomy with Radioactivity" in March 2011 (the month of his 76th birthday)