Donald D. Clayton

At 77 years of age in 2012,  I am Emeritus Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Clemson University in South Carolina.  My wife, Nancy, and I have resided for the past twenty years in an historic home in the small town of Seneca SC. Nancy is a watercolor artist of significant reputation. Nancy's website. We love our quiet life in this small town of the northwest county of South Carolina, very different from my five decades pursuing new knowledge on a frontier of the universe. .

I have led a enchanted life, pursuing the origin of the atoms of the chemical elements and the origin of the first stardust to condense in our Milky Way galaxy, for fifty-six years at five world-renown academic institutions. My research and discoveries were published from California Institute of Technology, Rice University, Cambridge University, Heidelberg University, and Clemson University. These and my fourteen years of residence in Europe have made of me a citizen of the world, taking me far from my Iowa childhood. My hope is that my account of my life will fascinate many who love the scientific quest, who value thoughtful history, and who hold high the art of biography.

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